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    can someone help me im trying to remember the name of a movie i know
    it involves a guy being shrunk by some sort of god and 3 potential
    girlfriends finding out and i know he saves one of the girlfriends from
    being raped and after he does that he grows to full size to have sex
    with her only to be shrunk again when he cant decide which girl he wants
    to be his girlfriend and im also trying to remember the name of a movie
    that involves a guys girlfriend finding her boyfriend in bed with a
    mysterious girl who turns out to be a alien and i know it invoves
    another alien becoming involved and i know it has a seen with one of the
    alien girls being raped but a frog type alien and i know the guy is
    trying to become an artist so one of the aliens helps him with her


      I know which movies your describing and the first might be The Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb and the second one i forgot the name but i remember the second Alien girl was there to arrest the alien frogs i think for smuggling and selling stuff and i think she was the other alien girl relative or sister.