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Watch Hardcore Hospital Episode 1 Online

Player 1

You are about to watch Hardcore Hospital Episode 1 online. Watch Hardcore Hospital Episode 1, along with many other English Dubbed and English Subbed Hentai online free at HentaiCrunch!

Hardcore Hospital Episode 1 is part of the Hentai Series: Hardcore Hospital. Watch Hardcore Hospital Episode 1 English Dub or English Sub online now.

2 Responses to "Hardcore Hospital Episode 1"
  • OrangeMango May 13, 2012 at 8:54 am

    A lot of your sites hentai has problems like the video player doesn’t open or the video’s been taken down due to deleted or copy write. If I upload the hentai videos your missing/lost to a site and give you the video code will you put it up in place of the videos? I do like the site, the sites layout but it’s sad how the videos get deleted and I’m guessing 4/5 time it’s due to copy write.

  • Asch May 13, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Hey OrangeMango,

    We’ve actually uploaded about 1,100-1,200 of our 1,600 videos, and we’re working on replacing the remaining 400-500 broken videos as soon as we can. My upload speed is capped at only 100kb/s, which means it takes me a while to upload the 200-300MB episodes. I do get around 60-100 replaced per week however, and there aren’t too many left.

    If you have episodes of remaining broken series, I’d be more than happy to give you the site we upload to, and walk you through uploading to it if you’re unaware of how to. If not, then uploading the files to either Rapidshare or Mediafire would be great, as I have a premium account with Rapidshare, and Mediafire doesn’t require one.


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