Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we’re sure will be helpful to people. If you’re looking for something that isn’t answered here, then please direct it towards our Contact Us page.

Video FAQs

Q: When I load the page, there aren’t any videos being displayed. What happened?

A: Every episode has videos with multiple [often 5+] mirrors. If, after refreshing the page, there are still no videos, please try clearing your cache, and flushing your DNS. There is always at least 1 working video.

Q: Why is the video loading slow/not loading?

A: That’s either a connection problem on your end, or the source website is loading slow. If the video is taking too long to load, simply try a mirror, as each mirror is a different source website. If the video isn’t loading at all, or is coming up with an error, please report it so we can look into it further.

Q: Why is there no sound in the video(s)?!

A: Occasionally, the encoder of the episode(s) doesn’t use a compatible audio-streaming format, and thus results in no audio/sound during the video. This is a problem with the encode, so if you’re witnessing a video without any sound (and you have your speakers on), then please leave a comment informing us of this so we can work on fixing it.

Q: There’s no subtitles for the videos!!

A: As with the audio, sometimes encoders don’t use streaming-compatible subtitles. This isn’t our fault, and we can only work on replacing the videos if they’re reported. Please also note that some series just weren’t ever subtitled, and we can’t do anything about that.

Q: The subtitles are in another language!

A: Sometimes they’re only subtitled in a language other than English (older series, for example). If you let us know, we’ll try and find a replacement for the video(s).

Q: I keep getting a “You have watched 72 minutes of video” message. What does it mean?

A: If you want to bypass the Megavideo time limit, then you should invest in a Megavideo Premium account. Either that, or swap to another mirror, watch an hour of video on another source, then go back to Megavideo. There will always be mirrors for episodes, so you’ll always have another source to avoid the 72 minute cap.

Website FAQs

Q: Why is the website running so slow right now?

A: When too many people are on simultaneously, (read: traffic is too high), the website may slow down. Don’t worry however, as the slow down is only temporary, or possibly even momentary, so be sure to check back every few minutes!

Q: I can’t access the website – it says it’s down?

A: If the server crashes, you’ll get 404 errors or timeouts, however, the server automatically reboots itself within 5-10 minutes. So if you happen across the website while it’s crashed, just wait for it to reboot itself, and go make a sandwich or something. :3

Q: I’m receiving errors on the website?

A: If you get any errors while using HentaiCrunch, then please let us know through the Contact Us page. Please make sure you’re as descriptive as can be.

Q: Can we affiliate?

A: HentaiCrunch is not looking for any affiliates at the moment, sorry. If you’re looking to affiliate, then you’re welcome to leave a comment with your website, and stats, but we can assure you the likelihood of us accepting it is quite small.

Q: We have a DMCA/Copyright complaint?

A: Please refer to our Legal page for more information on DMCAs and Copyright complaints.

Advertising FAQs

Q: I’m getting a popup when clicking a video?

A: HentaiCrunch will never use popup ads, as they’re intrusive, irritating, and often have viruses. If you get a popup ad, they’re from the video source, which we have no control over, and they’re likely safe, as the video streaming host surely looks over the ads displayed regularly. In short, we have no popups, redirects, full page ads, or the like, and never will.

Q: We’re interested in advertising on your website?

A: If you’re looking to advertise on HentaiCrunch, please leave your company name, an active email address, and name in a comment below, and we’ll email you back if we’re interested. If we’re not, we won’t.

General FAQs

Q: Can you add more mirrors for x video?

A: We’re working every day to add more mirrors for all our videos. If you want a video mirrored, then leave a comment on the video in question, and we’ll move it to the top of the list.

Q: How many series do you have?

A: At present, as of December 11, 2011, we have 450 Hentai series. We’ll be sure to update this as often as we can.

Q: How often is HentaiCrunch updated?

A: Daily. Although Hentai movies aren’t released daily, we’ll be sure to update you all with games, doujin, and downloads to keep you coming back!